Millet Recipes

Siruthaniya samayal/Millet recipes are grabbing its popularity for its immerse health benefits. 

Are you still thinking that you can not make delicious food out of millets??
Then go ahead and click on the pics for delicious nutritions recipes made of gluten free millets and I am sure it will change your mind.

Foxtail millet/Thinai/Navane Recipes:

Thinai Onion Uthappam thinai godhumai rava dosa Thinai thattai
Thinai rava payasam thinai rava upma thinai rava kheer

Kodo millet/Varagarisi recipes:

Varagarisi venpongal Varagarisi tomato uthappam Varagarisi sakkaraipongal
Varagarisi idli Varagarisi curd idli Varagarisi paper roast

Little Millet/Saamai Recipes

samai rava upma samai uthappam samai curd rice
methi samai dosa sprouted karamani samai adai
Barnyard Millet/Kuthiraivali Recipes

kuthiraivali black gram dosa skuthiraivali adai kuthiraivali podi dosa
Finger Millet/Ragi Recipes

ragi semiya upma ragi dosa
Pearl Millet/Kambu Recipes

Kambu idli dosa
Sorghum/Jowar recipes

Jowar dosa
Proso Millet/Pani varagu Recipes

panivaragu neer dosa
Mixed Millets Recipes

thinai samai kuzhipaniyaram thinai samai kuzhipaiyaram Mixed millet masala dosa

Quinoa Recipes
Quinoa Dosa Quinoa paneer bread rolls Quinoa Banana Flower Adai

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