Diwali sweets and snacks recipes

Diwali is an exciting festival that we always wait for, with full joy and thrill . True, this festival of light brings joy to whole family. I still remember my childhood days filled with loads of excitement even a week before the festival day. Buying crackers, new dress, yummy home made sweets and snacks, planning for big rangoli on morning of the diwali  day and many more.

Comparing to other festivals, diwali has an exception of relishing a medicine "diwali marunthu" in addition to the sweets and savory list. Me and my sister, never slept the night before diwali as we will be eagerly waiting for the diwali morning to enjoy the festival. In fact, we plan and draw a big rangoli in front of our house on the night before the diwali day. All these memories are remaining ever green in our heart, though today's kids are glued to gadgets I am happy to see that they still step out to burst crackers and eagerly munch on homemade sweets and snacks. 

Do you know that Deepavali means Deepa +avali that means arranging deepas in a line?...interesting, isn't it?

Shall we peep into the list of Diwali sweets and snacks list?....before you see the lists let me wish you all a"Happy Deevali":)


Sweets and Desserts:


2) Thattai
4) Thinai Thattai (millet)

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