Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stuffed Brinjal curry/Stuffed kathrikkai fry

brinjal stuffed curry

Stuffed Brinjal curry is a famous dish and is cooked with special powder stuffed inside each brinjal. You can make this stuffed brinjal curry only with small brinjals and usually called as "Aathur kathrikkai".You might be wondering why we have to use only these varieties, here is the answer this kathrikkai has less seeds, less bitter taste and cooks fast. 

Seppankizhangu poriyal


This Seppankzhangu poriyal is a tasty recipe which my mom makes for us. This poriyal consumes less oil comparing to seppankizhangu fry. I have never heard of planting these colocasia but I when to my friends house in Bangalore I saw these plants. My friend told me that its leaves are used to prepare many traditional dishes in Karnataka. I am yet to try those recipes but she warned me that these leaves might create itchiness and gave me tips on how to use them. Also she told me the kannada name for these leaves as Kesuvina soppu.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cucumber raita

cucumber raita/vellarika pachadi

Cooling Cucumber raita/vellarikka pachadi is a great dish for summer. This raita goes well with sambar rice.