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Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle

Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle
Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle

Green Tomato Pickle is an easy recipe that you can cook within minutes and with very fewer ingredients. 

Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato Pickle is a great side dish for curd rice, dosas, and chapatis. For this Pickle recipe, you need to pick the unripe tomatoes that are green in color and strictly not to use the red ones. If you are thinking whether this Green Tomato Pickle is sweet or spicy, the answer is 'mix of all tastes'. However, you can see your taste buds getting dominated by the spiciness than the sour and sweetness.

I would definitely say ...these unripe green beauties are of course not so sour like the red ones however they still have soft juicy flesh with rich flavors to savor this pickle. Also, Green Tomatoes are not soft like its red counterparts instead are firm and when cooked, they soften and turn moist but hardly dripping, so are perfect to make this pickle👌.

Since the green ones are to be plucked well before it ripens, you can hardly see them in the market. Similar to Togarikaalu or Avarekalu season in Banglore, I do see a season when trucks are loaded with green tomatoes and comes at a better price. It was in a similar situation when I saw a truck full of lustrous green tomatoes brightly brimming at me😀.

Why wouldn't it be not so tempting for a food blogger to try a new recipe when I pick a new ingredient😍?

Yes, all these years I have never tried any of green tomato recipes though have heard a lot about them such as green tomato kootu, Green tomato pickle sweet, Green tomato dal, Green tomato chutney and more.

Green Tomato Pickle is my first exploration and it is my mom's own recipe. Though I loaded my fridge with these cute green ones, I was clueless about which recipe to cook first. My mom suggested to start with pickle and voilà...this recipe is brimming in Upala.

Wondering "how to make green tomato pickle recipe???", here we are....But before diving into the actual recipe...see how green tomatoes/Pachai thakkali/Thakkali kai looks like👇

Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle


  • 6 Green Tomatoes/Raw (unripe) Tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon Red Chilli powder (alter according to spiciness)
  • 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric Powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon Mustard
  • A pinch Hing
  • 1/4 teaspoon Jaggery powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt (alter according to taste)
  • 1 ladle Gingelly Oil


1) Chop the green tomatoes into medium chunks as shown in the picture.

2) Heat a wok/Kadai and add oil.

3) Drop the mustard seeds to crackle and once done, add hing, turmeric powder, and Red chili powder.

4) Once you have added the spice powders, do not let them sit for a long time immediately add the chopped green tomatoes.

Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle

5) For about 5 minutes, do occasional stirring and maintain the medium flame while cooking this green tomato pickle.

6) After this, close the pickle with a lid and reduce the flame to low. Leave it to cook for another 5 minutes.

7) When you open the lid, you can see the tomatoes are half cooked.

8) At this stage, add jaggery powder and salt, mix well.

9) Leave the green tomatoes to cook in the flavors of chili powder, jaggery and salt for few more minutes in low flame.

10) Do occasional stirring in order to avoid the pickle getting burnt at the bottom of the wok.

11) After about 6-7 minutes, you can see the oil separating from the pickle as shown in the picture. This cooking time will vary depending upon the tomato variety and the cooking temperature so have a close watch on the final stage.

12) Once the green tomatoes are nicely cooked in the flavors and oil is separated from it, switch off the flame and transfer the pickle to a container.

Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle is ready!!

Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle


1) Green raw tomatoes are the perfect pick for this pickle and use only those which are green in color. Avoid mixing red ones with the green ones for this pickle. Because ripe tomatoes have different cooking time than the green ones.

2) Instead of Jaggery, you can even add sugar but I always love the healthy version.

3) Care needs to be taken at two quick when you add the tomatoes after the spice powders in oil and at the final stage waiting for the oil to get separated from the pickle.

Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle

Now..Why don't you try 'Green Tomato Pickle/Raw Tomato pickle' recipe in your kitchen?? and post your comments😊. 

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