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Badam Pisin Rose Cooler/Almond Gum Rose Milk

Badam Pisin Rose Cooler/Almond gum Rose Milk
Badam Pisin Rose Cooler/Almond gum Rose Milk

Badam Pisin Rose Cooler/Almond Gum Rose Milk is a delightful drink for the summer season. Savoring this rose milk with a scoop of vanilla ice cream does sound even more delicious.

The moment I start talking about Badam Pisin/Amond gum/Badam gum/Gondh katira it reminds us of one delicious drink "Madurai special Jill Jill Jigarthanda"πŸ˜‹. Am I right? 

Of course, it is so obvious that Jigarthanda is such a popular drink that it attracts all the ages to gulp a glass full as fast as they can and especially after you finish your stroll in the scorching summer heat. Talking about summers, my view of summer in Tamilnadu is, you don't get to experience four different seasons and all you can experience is less heat, moderate heat, superheat, and super 'o' heat😜. Yeah, you keep sweating always and feel like drinking glasses and glasses of cool drinks.

Instead of consuming aerated drinks that give you only empty calories, Badam Pisin Rose Cooler/Almond gum Rose Milk is the perfect drink to quench your summer thirst that is super healthy πŸ’ͺ too.

Badam Pisin is a natural gum extracted from Sweet Almond tree and is an excellent body coolant

Don't confuse yourself with 'Gond' used in 'Gond laddoo's. They are not the same, Badam Pisin/Gondh is popular in Tamilnadu and especially in Madurai.

Badam Pisin cools your body and used in summers whereas Gond used in North India for preparation of Gond Laddoo gives heat to the body and used in winters.

Badam Pisin is also called as Gondh Katira/Gond Kateera and it is scooped out from the tree bark. When it is soaked in water it becomes like a jelly which is then used in drinks. If you want to know more about Badam Pisin, like its health benefits, where you can buy, etc then click on the below pic.

Badam Pisin


  • 2 tablespoon Badam Pisin
  • 2-3 tablespoon Rose Syrup
  • 2 cups Chilled Milk
  • Vanilla Icecream
  • Tutti frutti


1) First, you need to soak the Badam Pisin in 2 cups of water for overnight. 

2) Next day, you can see the jelly as shown in the pic. You can see some black things in the jelly, which are small pieces of tree bark that might have come along the gum while scooping it from the tree. You can remove them before using it.

3) Mix the 2 teaspoons of Rose Syrup to 1 cup chilled milk. Give a nice whisk.

Badam Pisin Rose Cooler/Almond gum Rose Milk

4) Now, we will start assembling Badam Pisin Rose Cooler. Add two teaspoons of Badam Pisin jelly to a tall serving glass.

5) Next, pour the prepared rose milk.

6) Scoop out vanilla ice cream and top it on rose milk.

7) Finally, sprinkle a generous amount of tutti frutti. 

Serve the Badam Pisin Rose Cooler immediately. Follow the same process again to prepare one more glass of Badam Pisin Rose Cooler.

Badam Pisin Rose Cooler/Almond gum Rose Milk


1) You can prepare the recipe without ice cream too.

2) If you are using Rose milk essence, then you need to add the required amount of sugar to the milk. Since I have used syrup it already has sugar and I didn't add any.


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