Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to make soft Rotis/Phulkas

I am here with my new post of "How to make soft rotis on direct flame".  There are 3 parts in roti making, first kneading the dough, rolling them to circle and final one is cooking. All three parts are need to be done correctly for soft rotis, so I have divided the method into 3 parts and have given tips too .

  • 1 cup Wheat flour/Atta
  • As per taste salt

Method to Knead the dough:

1) Take a wide bowl and mix atta and salt.

2) Add water little by little and mix them.

3) Grease your palm with oil and start kneading the dough, it should not be too hard or too sticky. If you feel it is sticky add flour and if its hard add water.

4) The correct texture is the dough will not stick to your hand and should be soft.

5) Cover the dough and keep it for 30 mins.


1) If you are new to roti making, add lukewarm water and 1/2 tsp of oil to make the job easy.

2) You can also replace normal water with left over whey water from paneer to get soft rotis.

What you need for Rolling Rotis:

  • Rolling board
  • Rolling pin

Method to roll the rotis:

1) First divide the dough into equal seized balls and roll each one between palms to make smooth balls.

2) Take some wheat flour in a plate for dusting.

3) Take one ball and roll it over the wheat flour. Now keep it over rolling board and press it with fingers.

4) Roll them to thin circle using rolling pin, while rolling dust the flour as and when requred.


1) If you are new to roti making, here is a tip to make uniform roti. Never roll on middle, always roll on sides of the dough so that the outer sides will be thin and uniform. Finally give a roll in middle. Also make small size rotis first and increase the size when you are comfortable.

2) Never press too hard while rolling, roll it with less pressure.

3) If you get holes while making circles, the roti will not puff up.

4) If you feel your roti is not uniform circle shape, you can use any circle shape lid and press it on roti dough for the shape. The excess can be mixed with other ball to roll.

Method to cook rotis:

1) Heat Roti tawa in medium flame, and put the roti on it.

2) When small bubbles appear on the surface, flip it over to cook other side.

3) Once the other side is also half cooked, increase the flame to high. Now take the roti out of the tawa with tongs and keep it on direct flame. 

4) It will puff up like poori, turn it around using tongs to cook the other side and it will puff up once agian. 


1) When cooking roti on direct flame, dont leave them for a long time as it might become hard.

2) If you are not diet consious, add 1/2 tsp of ghee over each roti for enhanced taste.

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