Friday, June 12, 2015

South Indian Lunch menu (Variety Rice)-4

lunch menu

This South Indian Lunch menu is a great combo of variety rice. If you are bored with regular Sambar, Rasams and want to prepare something easy as well as fulfilling Lunch menu then this Menu is the right choice. 

The menu is

1) Coconut Rice
2) Raw mango Rice
3) Curd Rice
4) Masala Vadai
5) Mango payasam
6) Avial

In addition, you can add Paapads/Appalam, vathal, Chips and Pickle. Generally for Chitra pournami this menu is prepared for dinner also Instead of Raw mango rice, Puliyogare is prepared. 


1) For Raw mango rice and Coconut rice, we need to cook rice as separate grains. Steamed rice is best suited for variety rice like coconut and Raw mango rice. After cooking the rice, transfer it to a plate or big bowl and leave it to get cooled. Then add the seasoning accordingly this way you get non sticky rice. Next pressure cook another rice separately for Curd rice with extra whistles to get mashed consistency.

2) Very first thing to do is, soak channa dal for Masala vadai as it takes 3-4 hours.  Next leave the milk to boil in low flame to reach half of its quantity for Mango payasam

3) You can grind coconut paste for avial and next use the same mixer to grind for Masala vadai. But for doing mango puree use separate Mixer jar or if you are using same jar clean it properly.

4) For seasoning, you can do in this order first for Curd rice and transfer to a bowl next coconut rice and transfer to separate bowl and finally for Raw mango rice.

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