Sunday, September 27, 2015

Idiyappam/Sevai/String hoppers


Idiyappam/Sevai/String hoppers are famous breakfast recipe of TamilNadu and Kerala. These steamed Idiyappams are considered as one of the healthy recipe for all age groups. 

I was trying to make soft Idiyappams like Hotel ones and finally achieved it after many trials :). I will now share the key things which I noticed to get the soft Idiyappams. You need a good quality rice flour, it is always better to use Idiyappam flour instead of normal store bought rice flour. Also adding of Boiling water is important as it makes the dough gets half cooked and also kneading the flour is equally important. We need to knead the dough well to get soft non sticky consistency. More tips and tricks on its way along with the main recipe:)

Coming to our healthy breakfast recipe....

  • 1 Cup Idiyappam flour
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Gingelly oil
  • 2 Cups Water


1) Bring two cups of water to roll boil with bubbles, add Salt and Gingelly oil to boiling water. Meantime take the Idiyappam flour in a mixing bowl.

2) Add the boiling water slowly little by little to the Idiyappam flour and mix with a ladle. Do not pour all water, add only required amount and you might get some left out.

3) After the flour turns little warm start kneading the dough (as we do for Chapathi dough) with hands. The dough will become soft and non sticky one at this stage close the kneaded dough with a wet cloth and keep aside.


4) Boil water in electric rice cooker till you can see bubbles.

5) Keep a Banana leaf on top of Idli plate and keep it ready, also grease the Idiyappam presser with little gingelly oil. Next take a small quantity of kneaded dough and put it in the Idiyappam presser (I used omapodi achu). Press this dough in circular motion on top of banana leaf to make 3 Idiyappams.

6) Keep this Idiyappam in Electric rice cooker and steam it.


7) Alternatively you can make a single big Idiyappam and steam it in pressure cooker.


8) After it is cooked, you will be able to remove the Idiyappam just by flipping the banana leaf on a bowl.

9) Repeat the same for rest of the dough in fresh Banana leaves.

Steaming hot Idiyappams are ready...we all enjoyed this tasty Idiyappm with Veg kurma. Also another best combination is thengai paal



1) If you dont have banana leaf, you can just grease the Idly plates and steam. Now you get ready made Idiyappam plates in stores, if you have one you can replace idli plates. Also for pressure cooker, I kept a small bowl and above that cooker plate and placed idiyappam on top of it.

2) Always keep the Idiyappam pressed Idli plates after you roll boil the water.