Saturday, April 18, 2015

South Indian Lunch menu (simple)-3

lunch menu

This South Indian Lunch menu-3 is a simple yet fulfilling lunch menu.
The menu contains

1) Paruppu Rasam
2) Beans Paruppu Usili
3) Murungai keerai poriyal
4) Curd.


1) First you can do the soaking-soaking tamarid for Rasam, soaking dals for paruppu usili, soaking moong dal for Keerai. If you soak them in hot water it saves time.

2) Next chopping Beans (for paruppu usili), Tomatoes (for Rasam) and removing leaves from murungai keerai (For keerai). 

3) If you pressure cook toor dal (for rasam) along with Rice in same pressure cooker, by using two seperate vessels it saves your time.

4) If you want to add one more recipe, you can add Morkuzhambu too. It goes well with Bean paruppu usili.

This menu is healthy as well as tasty one. Murungai keerai is one of the keerai which gives loads of health benefits, Beans paruppu usili gives the nutrients of beans as well as protien from dals, Paruppu Rasam is a flavourful Rasam that makes a great combo with hot rice. Last but not least Curd helps us with calcium as well as good bacteria which are so good for our stomach.

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