Sunday, February 28, 2016

South Indian Lunch Menu-7

South Indian Lunch Menu-7
South Indian Lunch Menu

This South Indian Lunch menu is a nutritious one

The menu is

1) Senai kizhangu Masiyal/Elephant foot Yam Masiyal
2) Agathi keerai poriyal
3) Pesarattu bakoda (with left over pesarattu batter)
4) Jeeraga Milagu Rasam/Pepper Cumin Rasam
5) Curd


1) It is easy to remove the leaves from stem part in Agathi keerai. But this keerai needs to be consumed only occasionally not often

2) To start with this Lunch menu first thing you can do is soaking the moong dal, soaking tamarind for masiyal and Rasam.

3) You can dry roast the ingredients for milagu Rasam and grind it. After doing this dry grinding, you can do wet grinding for Masiyal using same mixer jar.

4) For Pesarattu bakoda, you can mix the ingredients and keep it ready the day before itself. You can keep this batter in fridge.

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