Monday, January 11, 2016

Morkuzhambu Rice, Curd Rice and Beans paruppu usili-Indian Lunch box Ideas (Office/College/School)

indian Lunch box ideas

Lunch box ideas Morkuzhambu Rice, Curd Rice and Beans paruppu usili- this Lunch box idea is apt for elderly kids who go to higher standards, College goers and Office goers.

The Menu is

1) Morkuzhambu Rice
2) Beans paruppu usili
3) Curd Rice
4) Mango Ginger-Maa inji Pickle (No oil)

The menu is a fantastic combo of all nutrients and so makes it a healthy one. Also the No Oil Mango ginger pickle is a highlight.

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1) If you don't want curd rice, you can substitute it with Rasam rice.

2) To make it more healthy, instead of Rice you can cook Broken wheat or any millet
and mix with Morkuzhambu and Curd.