Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mini Tomato Uthappam and Raisins-Kids Lunch box Ideas

mini tomato uthappam

This Mini tomato uthappam is a tasty and easy to prepare tiffen item for Kids lunch box. 

I have already posted Varagarisi Tomato uthappam, which is made of healthy millet. You can also make mini Varagarisi tomato uthappam as a healthy alternative. I always pack few Raisins or Nuts along with the tiffen items this will give them more nutrition as well.



1) Slice the Tomatoes as roundels and keep aside.

2) Heat the dosa tawa and drizzle oil. I always prefer Iron dosa tawa instead of Non stick varieties as it adds up natural iron to body and no harmful side effects. Click here to know more benefits  about cooking in cast iron.

3) Take a ladle of batter and pour it as three small uthappams as shown in pic.

4) Place the Tomatoes on top of it and slightly press them. Drizzle oil around the uthappams.

5) After one side is cooked flip it around to cook on other side. 

Tasty Tomato uthappams are ready. Transfer the uthappams to tiffen box and add few Raisins too.

mini tomato uthappam


1) My kiddo don't like chutneys or sambars as side dish so I keep only uthappams. You can also keep Jam or Tomato Sauce or any chutneys and sambar as per your kids choice.

2) I always prefer Stainless steel tiffen box instead of Plastics.

3) I have made only 3 mini uthappams, you can increase or decrease the quantity according to your kids choice. 

4) If your uthappams stick together use the Dosa ladle to split them.

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