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Poori (easy method)

poori easy method
Poori masala is the most favourite food for all. But when you have guests coming in, you don't prefer making pooris as it eats up your time and cant make them in advance too. Try my easy method, see how quickly you make your pooris and enjoy your time with guests.
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  • 1 Cup Wheat flour/Atta
  • 1 tsp Oil
  • As needed water (Measurement changes depending on wheat flour quality) 
  • As needed Oil
What you need for Rolling poori:
  • Chapathi presser 


1) Take water, salt and oil in a bowl. Add Atta (wheat flour) and knead the dough. The dough needs to be smooth and stiff for making poori.

2) Make equal sized balls of dough.

3) Heat oil in a kadai in a low flame. 

4) Take chappathi presser and apply oil on both sides. Keep the one dough ball in middle and press it. 

5) Increase the flame to high, check the temperature by dropping a small piece of dough and see whether it comes up to surface immediately. If it comes up with bubbles, it is the correct temperature.

6) Now, slide the rolled dough from side of the kadai.

7) Press the sides of the dough with your laddle. Gently pour few hot oil from kadai  continuously with the use of slotted laddle on top of poori for it to puff up nicely.

8) After puri puffs up, flip it other side and reduce the flame to low.

9) Take this time to press another dough.

10) After the other side is cooked, remove the poori and drop on tissue paper to remove excess oil. Increase the flame and continue the same process with other ones.

Hot hot poori is ready to be served with Potato masala

Other favourite combos with poori are

Another method:

The above mentioned method is the easy method which I follow to make puris. If you don't have a chappathi presser, you can use rolling board and rolling pin.

1) After step 2 in above process, apply few oil on your rolling board and roll it with the help of rolling pin.

2) In this method, roll pooris in batches before frying them in oil.

Tips for Dough:

1) Take less dough and roll it as balls, the rolled dough should be smaller in size comparing to chapathi. Rolled dough should be even and nor thick not thin. You can also dust atta while rolling instead of oil.

2) You can also add 1/2 tsp of Rava/sooji to dough to get nice puffed up pooris. Also adding pinch of sugar, gives nice colour to pooris. Instead of oil, you can also add 1 tsp ghee while kneading dough. 

3) For chapathi dough, you need to give lots of resting time to get soft chapathis but for poori its exactly opposite. Dont give resting time as it will drink more oil.

Tips for Frying:

1) If you are new to making pooris, it will be tough to do pressing puris  and frying them in oil at one stretch. So press the doughs one by one and spread on a plate then heat the oil and slide it one by one.

2) The oil temperature is important for frying puris, it should be hot but avoid smoking point.

poori masal

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