Thursday, June 6, 2019

Kids Lunch Box ideas-Masala Lemon Rice and Chapathi Roll

Kids Lunch Box ideas-Masala Lemon Rice and Chapathi Roll
Kids Lunch Box ideas-Masala Lemon Rice and Chapathi Roll

Kids Lunch Box ideas-Masala Lemon Rice and Chapati Roll is the perfect combo for the kids who attend full-day school.

Packing a lunch box for kids with delicious food that never returns home is the biggest ordeal for all mothers. Especially after the summer holidays where you have almost forgotten food packing for your fussy eatersšŸ˜‚, it becomes even more tougher to think of yummy food each day.

Instead of racking your storage unit with all varieties of pasta, bread, and other packeted products, if you spend a few minutes of your time to decide the menu on Sunday you can always pack healthy food for the whole week.

I always suggest my friends to not go for packet products completely instead start practicing your kids to eat our traditional food. For instance, try a chapathi roll instead of bread roll, cook biryani, pulao and other variety rice instead of pasta, noodles, etc. Don't think that it is going to eat up all your time in the kitchen, definitely not....all you need is a little bit of preplanning šŸ˜Š.

Lunch Box menu:

1) Masala Lemon Rice for the long break (lunch break)
2) Chapati Roll for the short break 
3) Badam

Masala Lemon Rice:

If we say Lemon rice to kids, you will only get the response as ewwwwwšŸ˜. That is the reason, I always make lemon rice in a different way so that it tastes delicious and they will obviously empty the lunch box.

With Lemon rice, you can also pack any raita such as Cucumber raita, Capsicum raita, Bhindi Raita.....more varieties of raita Click Here

Since my son always prefers to carry only dry food to his school, I have not packed the raita for him. If you pair this Masala Lemon rice with raita and potato chips, it would definitely attract your fussy eaters.

Click on the Masala Lemon Rice image to look into the detailed procedure for this recipe.

Masala Lemon rice

Chapathi Roll:

I have made soft chapatis, spread it with pineapple jam and rolled them and kept. It will be easy for kids to eat a chapati roll quickly in their first break as the break timing is pretty short.

If you are getting complaints that your chapathi/Roti/Phulkas are not soft, then try this way. Click here to learn the procedure


One the superfood for your brain is Badam and it gives enough energy for them. I always pack any of these, 'nuts, raisins, dates, fruits' along with food as they provide healthy and most needed nutrients for a growing child.

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