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Soft spongy Idlis are healthy and common breakfast in most of South Indian homes. Idli is made by steaming the Fermented Rice Urad dal batter. Idlis can be paired with simple Idli milagai podi to tasty kumbakonam kadappa.

 I have already posted a detailed procedure in making Idli batter, click here to read the post.



1) Add water to Idli cooker or Electric Rice cooker or Presssure cooker and heat it. 

2) Mean time grease the Idli plates with sesame oil .

3) Gently mix the batter with a ladle by adding litte water. 

4) Take some idli batter in laddle and pour the batter in Idli moulds.

5) Fill up all the portions and stack them in the order that small holes come alternatively. This will give space for Idli to raise.

6) After water boils nicely in cooker, keep the plates inside and cover it. 

7) After Idlis are cooked, remove the plates. Let it cool down for a minute.

8) Now take the Idlis out of the stand with a spoon and serve hot.

For Idli side dish, click here.



1) Make sure to pour less water for steaming. If you add more water, it will raise to lower plate and makes Idli soggy.

2) Instead of adding oil, you can also place a wet muslin cloth over theIdli moulds and pour batter on it to cook.

3) Steaming time differs according to method. For pressure cooker (with out weight) , it takes around 7-8 mins in medium flame. For Electric rice cooker, it takes around 10-15 mins (it take more time). For Idli cooker, it takes around 10 minutes.

4) To check whether idlis are cooked, insert a tooth pick or fork. If it comes out clean, idlis are cooked. If you see batter, then you need to steam for few more minutes.

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