Friday, April 11, 2014

Instant Maangai urugai (Raw Mango Pickle)

instant maangai urugai

Pickles always need lot of preparation and time but this one is very simple. It is very tasty and goes well with curd rice. Generally this pickle is made fresh whenever you want and if you refrigerate this pickle, the shelf life is for 3-5 days. This pickle is the first choice in most of the South Indian marriages during raw mango season. 


  • 1 cup cubed raw mango (with skin)
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
  • 1/4 tsp fenugreek powder

To Temper:

  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • A  small pinch asafoetida
  • Few curry leaves
  • 1 laddle full Sesame oil

maanga urugai


1) Mix cubed raw mango, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and fenugreek powder and keep aside.

2) Heat a kadai and add oil. Temper mustard seeds and add asafoetida, curry leaves and switch off the flame.

3) Pour this seasoning over the mango mixture and mix well.

4) Let it sit for half hour and the pickle is ready to be served.


1) If you dont want curry leaves, you can skip it. I always prefer adding it as it gives extra taste to pickle.

2) If you don't have fenugreek in powder form, dry roast it with red chillies and grind it and add. In this case skip adding red chilli powder.

3) Asafoetida can be added in powder form or in bar form. If you are using powder, it will get dissolved easily. But if you are using in bar form, after tempering take it separately and if you press with fingers it will become powder then add to pickle.


  1. came here through food gawker! I have some raw mango at hand to make some urugai before Vishu, hopefully I get around to doing that. :)

  2. This is easy can give it a try:)