Saturday, April 19, 2014

Clean and Cut Vazhaipoo

How to clean Vazhaipoo:

Follow these steps to clean vazhaipoo 
clean vazhaipoo

1) Apply some oil on both the hands before starting of as it might get stained.

2) Remove the first petal and you will see bunch of florets.

3) Take the florets out of petal and hold them together in one hand.

4) Using palm of your other hand gently rub on heads of florets.

5) The closed florets will open up, remove stamen and small transparent outer cover.

6) Repeat the same for all the florets and we proceed towards the middle part.

7) After this part we will not be able to separate the florets and it will be white in colour.

8) The white part is tender and can be eaten raw or keep them with florets.

Chopping Vazhai poo:

1) Take a bowl with butter milk. 
clean vazhaipoo
2) Chop the florets by taking them in batches. Also the white tender part and immerse in buttermilk.

Many healthy and traditional recipes are prepared using vazhaipoo, one of the most famous one is vazhaipoo paruppu usili

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