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Learn how to make Karnataka Akki Roti (gluten free recipe)

Learn how to make Karnataka Akki Roti (gluten free recipe)
Akki Rotti

Akki Roti is one of the famous breakfast dishes in Karnataka cuisine.

It is a gluten-free recipe made of rice flour (called as Akki Hittu in Kannada) that is served in each of the household and hotels in Karnataka, especially with a signature ingredient "Dill leaves". I first tasted the akki roti along with Bonda soup in a hotel, I really loved its flavor and taste. From that time on, I was looking for a perfect way to prepare this authentic dish in my kitchen for upala fans. But it remained as a wish for a long time since I never received a proper guidance on how to make it in a perfect Kannadiga style. It came to reality only when my friend "Priya" called me one fine evening to show on how to make delicious Akki Roti.  She is such an expert that she finished the akki rotis within minutes. I really had a great time chatting and munching on those bisi bisi crispy akki rotis. I really felt that these rotis are so delicious and you don't even need a side dish:). The one thing that she mentioned is "Onions need to be chopped finely" otherwise rotis will not come out super thin. These crispy rice flatbreads can be made easily and don't need any grinding process. All it needs is "rice flour", no soaking, no grinding and no fermenting.

In this recipe, I have not added dill leaves and have made it a simple version so that it helps even non-Kannadigas to start with their akki roti journey smoothly:). However, there are many versions that you can explore to experience the unique flavors of Akki roti by adding other ingredients such as methi leaves, mint leaves, grated coconut, carrot, capsicum, Avarekalu, and more. Please check the Variations and Tips part at the bottom of this recipe to look for different Akki rotis that you can prepare by adding other ingredients. 

During Avarekalu season, the main ingrediant of akki roti is boiled avarekalus. There are many Karnataka signature dishes that are prepared using avarekalus, and they are "Hitikida Avarekalu" and "Avarekalu Huli". If you want to explore more Karnataka cuisine, Click here.

Here comes our "Akki Roti" ingredients and step by step procedure.


  • 2 cups Rice Flour/Akki Hittu
  • 1 medium size Onion (finely chopped)
  • 1/2 cup Coriander leaves (finely chopped)
  • 2 Green Chillies (finely chopped) (alter according to spice level)
  • 1 teaspoon Salt (alter according to your taste)
  • Oil for cooking


1)  Take a mixing bowl and add rice flour, salt, onions, coriander leaves, and green chilies. 

2) Mix them with your fingers to form a crumbled mixture as shown in the picture.

Learn how to make Karnataka Akki Roti (gluten free recipe)

3) Sprinkle water little by little to make a soft dough, Close it with a lid and set aside. Make sure that the Akki roti dough is soft as well as moist. 

4) In the meantime, we will make ready a few things before starting to cook akki rotti. Take a rolling board and bowl of water to keep it near the stove.

5) Take a clean muslin cloth or a cotton kerchief and wash it in water. Lay the wet cloth over the rolling board.

6) Take some portion of dough and roll it to a ball shape as shown in the picture and place it on the wet cloth over the rolling pin.  

Learn how to make Karnataka Akki Roti (gluten free recipe)

7) In the meantime, place the dosa griddle on the stove and switch on the burner to leave it in low flame. Grease it with oil.

8) Start patting the dough slowly by dipping your hands in water when needed. It avoids the dough getting stick to your hand.

9) At first, I used the finger portions to pat it from round ball to medium size then I started using my palms to pat them to make it thin and a big circle. Furthermore, pat gently over the corners to make them still thin so that while cooking you get crispy corners.

Learn how to make Karnataka Akki Roti (gluten free recipe)

10) Take the cloth along with the roti slowly and drop it upside down over the hot griddle.

11) Slowly remove the cloth without breaking the akki roti. If you feel that akki roti is sticking to the cloth, gently shake it to leave the cloth.

12) Add some oil over the corners and close it with a lid to cook in medium flame.

13) Meanwhile, you can start patting another akki roti and keep it ready to cook.

14) Open the lid and flip the roti to cook the other side for a minute and remove from the griddle to serve.

Bisi Bisi Akki roti is ready and it goes well with coconut chutney, chutney powder and any other chutney varieties.

Learn how to make Karnataka Akki Roti (gluten free recipe)


1) Some might prefer to add few holes in the middle of rotis to cook it evenly. I didn't make any hole in the roti still it came out well. So it is all your wish:).

2) If you have a banana leaf, you can smear some oil and pat the akki roti dough on it to lay on the hot griddle instead of cloth. Before using the leaf, heat the banana leaf lightly to make it flexible. Don't show it on high flame, switch off the burner and when it is still hot you can show the leaf on it.

3) Similarly, you can also use oil smeared butter paper for patting process.

4)  In some houses, they pat the dough directly on the griddle before heating it and then keep it on the flame. Use the method which ever is convenient for you.

5) The most important tip for Akki roti is "onions need to be finely chopped". If you chop it a little big also, you can not make a nice roti so care needs to be taken to chop them "finely".

Learn how to make Karnataka Akki Roti (gluten free recipe)
Akki Roti


1) The most important greens that get into akki roti is dill leaves or (sabaki soppu). Yes, Kannadigas never prepare an akki roti without dill leaves as it gives an extraordinary and unique flavor that adds new taste and aroma to the akki roti. If you could get a bunch of dill leaves, finely chop it and add it to the akki roti dough.

2) Add few grated carrots, shredded coconut, chopped capsicums to make it even tastier. If you want to make it as NO Onion recipe, you can skip the onions and add rest of the vegetables.

3) You can add jeera, white sesame seeds, Hing, and soaked channa dal also. Instead of soaked channa dal, you can even add roasted channa dal (huri kadala) (pottu kadalai)

4) Some prefer to do the seasoning for Akki roti dough. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil and add mustrad seeds, urad dal, and channa dal. Pour this seasoning on akki flour and vegetables then combine to form a dough. If you are adding soaked channa dal, you can skip channa dal in seasoning.

5) Adding chopped mint leaves or chopped methi leaves gives a different flavor so try that too.

6) Instead of Dosa griddle, some houses use kadai/wok to press the dough directly on it and cook. It comes out similar to the shape of an appam.

You can always try different variations each time to enjoy unique flavored Akki roti everytime you cook:)

Learn how to make Karnataka Akki Roti (gluten free recipe)
Akki roti