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Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp and Poojai Procedures

Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp
Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp

Maavilakku is an auspicious tradition that is being followed on many houses. This Maavilakku maavu recipe is very useful for all freshers who want to light rice flour lamp in their house.

In addition to Maavilakku recipe, I have also included the poojai procedures that you need to follow while lighting Purattasi Maavilakku at your home.

  • 1 Cup+1 Fistful Raw rice
  • 1/4 Cup Naattu sakkarai/Jaggery powder
  • 2 tbsp Grated Coconut
  • 1 tbsp Ghee


1) Wash the rice twice and soak it for an hour.

2) Drain water from rice then spread it on a clean cotton cloth, let it dry for half an hour. 

3) The rice will be slightly moist. Grind the rice in a mixer to fine powder.
Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp

4) Sieve this ground rice powder to remove the coarse rice powder.

5) Add naattu sakkarai or jaggery powder to the sieved rice flour and mix well.

6) Transfer this mixture to mixer and pulse once.
Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp

7) Decorate the bowl with turmeric and kumkum then apply namam. Transfer the Vilakku maavu to the bowl in which you are going to light the lamp.

8) Make a small dent and add ghee.

9) Immerse the cotton wick in ghee and place it in vilakku maavu.

10) Light the lamp in your pooja room.
Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp

11) While offering the prasadam, add grated coconut and knead it to form a soft dough.
Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp
Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp


1) You can also add cardamom while grinding the rice.

2) Instead of Bowl, you can use a plate or banana leaf to light the lamp. 

3) In some house, they use naattu sakkarai and some prefer jaggery powder to mix with rice flour. You can use the one that is followed at your home by your elders.

4) You can use the coarse rice powder to add in Payasam, if it is in small quantity. If you have more quantity of sieved coarse powder then you can grind again and sieve it.

Purattasi Month and Pooja procedure:

Tamil month Purattasi is an auspicious month dedicated especially to Balaji Perumal. Many prefer to fast on Purattassi Saturday for Perumal. 

The age old tradition of lighting lamp in rice flour is practised by many on Purattasi Saturday to invite Lord Thirupathi malayappam to their house. Pooja procedure and lighting lamp will vary according to the family tradition. Here, I will discuss on how I did the pooja.

1) First remove the coconut kudumi (the tail part) and break it. Collect the elaneer/Coconut water in a small bowl.

2) In a tray, keep beetle leaves, on top of it keep manjal, paakku, flower, banana, broken coconut and blouse bit so that your thamboolam is ready. Place this thamboolam and elaneer in pooja room.

3) Now, light the lamp in rice flour and wait for Perumal to "Malai eruthal". 

4) You need to maintain viratham or fasting and chant slokas or govinda namam till perumal malai eruthal.

Neivedhayam Recipes:

 The recipes that you offer as Neivedhyam while lighting Maavilakku needs to be a No onion No garlic food and they are

1) Morkuzhambu/Paruppu kuzhambu
2) Poriyal
3) Koottu
4) Carrot Kosambari
5) Rasam
6) Vadai
7) Payasam
8) Rice
9) Curd
10) Ellorai

Keep the neivedhyam food in pooja room along with thamboolam then show the aarthi after lord goes abode/perumal malai eruthal. After pooja, give this thamboolam to any sumangali/married woman.

Maa vilakku Maavu Recipe/Rice flour lamp

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