Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chapathi roll,Carrot and Badam-Kid's Lunch/Snack box ideas

kids lunch box ideas

Kid's Lunch box needs to be yummy as well as healthy. This chapathi roll, Carrot slices and Badam are a fantastic combo that make your kids get excited about their Snack or Lunch time.

This menu suits well for kindergarten kids who go for half a day school. Also serves as snack menu for older kids.

Chapathi Roll/Roti roll
- I have made plain phulka roti/chapathi and spread mango jam on top of it. Then rolled it and cut them into small rolls.

In separate compartment in same tiffen box, I have kept carrot slices and Badams. I personally feel stainless steel tiffen boxes are safe for kids and will not go for plastics.

In addition to Carrot you can also keep Cucumber slices, Tomato slices or any one of these according to your kids taste.

Also along with Badams/Almonds you can keep Walnuts, dried Fig and other dry fruits according to their taste or you can keep them in rotation.

You can also add few fruits pieces to get a bonus energy:).

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1) Never force kids to go for healthy food as it will create aversion for them over food. Instead pack the lunch in an attractive way by adding lots of coloured veggies and fruits in lunch box which will make them to eat.

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