Monday, December 14, 2015

Ribbon Pakoda/Nada Thenguzal

ribbon pakoda

Ribbon pakoda/Nada Thenguzhal is a yummy snack made of Besan and Rice flour. This snack is one of the Diwali special recipes.

Ingredients: Serves 10-12 Nadas
  • 2 Cups Besan/Gram flour/Kadala Maavu
  • 1 Cup Rice Flour
  • 2 tsp Red chilli powder (alter according to your spice level)
  • 11/2 ladle Hot oil
  • A small piece Asafoetida/Hing
  • As per taste Salt
  • For Frying Oil


1) Take Bar Hing in a small bowl with water, leave it for 2 hours. Rub the soaked Hing with fingers in the water to make a paste. If you are using Hing powder, you can skip this step and add directly.

2) Heat oil in a kadai and in the meantime take a mixing bowl, add Gram flour, Rice flour, Salt, Red chilli powder, Hing paste (or Hing powder) and mix well.  Now pour hot oil to the mixture and mix well to form a crumbled mixture.

3) Start adding water to the mixture to form a soft dough. You can sprinkle few water on top of the dough to retain the softness of dough.

ribbon pakoda

4) Prepare the murukku achu with Nada Achu. Add a portion of dough inside Murukku press and press it in a circular portion in hot oil.

5) After one side is cooked, flip it around to cook the other side.

6) After it is fully done and also the sizzling sound subsides, remove it from oil and place it on kitchen towel to drain excess oil.

7) After 2-3 Ribbon pakoda, transfer from kitchen towel to an airtight container.

Yummy Nada/Ribbon pakoda is ready...



1) I have used 2:1 ratio of Besan and Rice flour, you can also use 3:1.

2) Instead of hot oil, some prefers to add Ghee or Butter in that case use 3 tbsp.

3) Some prefers to add Sesame seeds, Garlic paste, you can spice it up as per your taste.

4) For first timers, it might be little tough to press the Nada on hot oil as you will experience heat on sides of palm so it is better to do it really quick. Anyhow we are going to break the nadas and eat so no worries about the shape:).

5) If you are preparing Ribbon Pakoda in bulk, it is always better to prepare the fresh dough in batches  since if you prepare the dough in bulk you will not get nice crispy Nadas also it will drink oil and comes out soggy.

ribbon pakoda

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