Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jowar Dosa

jowar dosa

Jowar (Sorghum/Cholam (Tamil)/Jola(Kannada)/Jonnalu(Telugu)) belongs to Millet Family which is Rich in Calcium, Iron, Protein and Fibre. This Dosa is preparesd by adding Jowar flour to left over Idli batter. This dosa is easy to make and becomes a nutritious Breakfast as well. 


1) Add Jowar flour to left over Idli batter. Even if the batter is sour, it works well.

2) Mix the batter and flour by adding little water. The consistency should be like dosa batter consistency.

3) Heat a Dosa tawa and spread oil on it.

4) Take a laddle of this batter and spread the dosa. Drizzle oil on sides and close it with a lid to cook.

5) After it is cooked, you can take the dosa out of tawa to serve. No need to flip it around as we are closing with a lid the upper portion will get cooked automatically. 

jowar dosa
Yummy and nutritious Dosa ready to be served with Chutney or Sambar of your choice.

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