Thursday, December 19, 2013

Have Cooking as a hobby

If you want to do anything creative, love to stay focused and repetitively want to achieve the set benchmark or even cross that and love to serve people then cooking is for you.

Cooking is something that can be done alone or as a team.

The main ingredients for cooking are not the raw materials alone. In-fact you need planning, concentration and timing for cooking anything.


While cooking one has to plan in advance what ingredients are needed, what tasks can be done in parallel and in sequence in order to achieve your desired result. You may not have enough time to search for the ingredients after you keep the base on the stove.


I have felt that it demands something from every faculty of our brain in order to give a quality to what we cook.

Chopping onions in perfect squares while keeping your eyes closed may be one of the worst things you may experience but once it is tossed in the frying pan, you will reap your results immediately. Its aroma fills the air and you will always find your loved ones attracted to you and ask, "whats cooking dear (mom)?"


Even the simplest of the recipes like custard demands you to stir it continuously without the corn flour forming as a lump or getting burnt on the sides of the vessel.

You will achieve the desired consistency like caramelizing or crispiness or creaminess only if you have the sense of timing.

This doesn't come at the first instance of cooking. Its a gradual process much like driving your car.


Kitchen is the place where maximum accidents happen hence maintaining safety while cooking is one of the key things to work upon.

When I was trying to cook for the first time, I didn't know that the water has to be dried from the wok on the burner before pouring oil in it. It started spluttering for at least 3 to 4 mins. Me and my friend were watching the firework helplessly the entire time in panick as the entire oil in it was out of the wok and was every where around the stove. It was really messy.

Before cooking make sure that you have the proper gas tube and proper electrical switches or gadgets in place.

Don't wear synthetic dresses in your kitchen.

Keep wet cleaning cloths away from electrical gadgets.

Even when in hurry, don't touch the utensils when hot. Use oven gloves or tongs. See that the lighter works properly.

Don't keep the gas on for a longer time while working on your old lighter.

See that the kitchen is well lighted and ventilated.

See that the wok sits stable on the gas burner. Other wise use a bigger wok.

To sum it up, I find cooking as one of the best hobbies to nurture, and who knows? it may be useful for you at any point of time.

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