Monday, August 10, 2015

Kara pori/Masala puffed Rice

spicy murmura

Spicy Murmura/Kara pori/Masala puffed Rice is a beach style snack to relish on evenings. Also this spicy snack is easy to make and low fat recipe.

  • 4 Cups Puffed Rice/Murmura
  • 2 Garlic pods
  • 2 tbsp Peanuts/Groundnuts
  • 2 tbsp Roasted Gram
  • 1 tbsp Cashews
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp Red chilli powder
  • A pinch Hing
  • 2 Springs Curry leaves
  • 1 tbsp Oil


1) Heat oil in a kadai and add Peanuts and fry. After few minutes add Cashews, Roasted gram and fry till light brown.

2) Roughly Crush Garlic (with Skin) using a hand pounder and add. Fry the garlic till raw smell goes off. Next add Curry leaves and give a quick mix. 

3) Now add Turmeric powder, Red chilli powder, Hing and mix well.

kara pori

4) Add the puffed rice and mix well. Fry them for few more minutes to get extra crispiness and switch off the flame.

beach style kara pori


1) You can also add few raisins after frying cashews to get some sweet taste while relishing Kara pori.

2) As per your taste, you can also add 1 cup of sev to this pori.


1) I have skipped adding salt as puffed rice already have salt taste. You can add or omit according to your taste.

2) Store it in an airtight container to retain the crispyness.

3)  You can skip the Garlic if you dont like the flavour.

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