Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mini Idli

mini idli

Mini Idli is a smaller version of the normal idlis. Kids always prefer mini idlis than the normal ones, as it is easy to eat and looks interesting . With Mini idlis, we can either make sambar idlis or curd idlis.

Mini idli stand is needed to make these idlis .

You can cook these idlis in any one of these
Pressure cooker
Idli cooker
Electric rice cooker.

If you are cooking in pressure cooker, do not put weight in valve.

If you are using electric rice cooker, pour lesser water as it might come over to the lower plate and idlis will become soggy.


2 cups Idli batter


1) Pour enough water in idli cooker and heat it.

2) In the mean time, grease the idli plates with sesame oil.

3) Take the Idli batter with spoon and fill in the moulds of idli stand.

4) Once water starts boiling and when you see the steam, place the idli stand in idli cooker and close the lid.

5) Steam for 5 to 6 mins as the mini idlis takes lessor time to cook than the normal ones.

6) Insert the fork or tooth pick to check whether idlis are cooked. If it comes out clean the idlis are ready. If you can see idli batter in toothpick or fork, you need to cook few more mins.

7) Once they are done, remove the idli stand and allow it to cool for few mins.

8) Remove the idlis from idly stand with a spoon.

Transfer it to a hot pack and your mini idlis are ready to be served.

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